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SIP channels NY NYC

SIP Channels

SIP Channels

Adding SIP channels to your IP-PBX based phone service as this is what allows you to take and make calls that go outside of the IP network. You can have nearly unlimited calls going on within the network, but in order to get to the outside world SIP trunking with these channels is the best way to do it. If you’re on an IP based phone system you almost certainly already have some channels in place. Each channel will allow one active call to go through. Many businesses need to have multiple phone calls going on at the same time which is why multiple channels are so important.
It can be difficult for companies to choose exactly how many SIP channels they need. Since each of these channels can handle one call at a time the total number a given company requires is often less than they might think. This can be reduced even further because of the fact that calls within the IP network can go on without any channels which may make it seem like a company is having many active phone lines when it is only taking up a few channels.

SIP Channels | How to Add More

Depending on the specific setup of your phone system SIP channels can be added either logically with changes to the software configuration or by physically adding additional lines going into the system. In most cases it is quite simple to add in additional lines and can be done added into your system right away with little, if any delay. This is a great way to ensure your company has access to all the phone lines needed at any given time. Most companies will determine how many they need by identifying their peak phone times and adding several additional lines above what they expect they will need.
This is a good way to get started, and since adding additional SIP channels is quite easy they can always add in more as the business grows or if they find they are regularly using up all available lines. Adding additional channels is also quite affordable and almost always cheaper than it would be to run a new POTS line to your location. There are many great advantages of using SIP trunking and channels to get access to the outside phone network.

SIP Channels | Advanced Phone Management

Managing phone systems today is far more advanced than it ever has been in the past. With a seemingly endless list of great features, simple management of SIP channels and much more to consider it can be overwhelming. This is one of the reasons why Improcom has created their online web portal which allows you to manage nearly every aspect of your phone system. From enabling and disabling features to call forwarding and much more, this is the ideal way to keep your phones working the way your business needs them to.
If you ever have any questions about your phone system, or you’re just interested in talking about switching to Improcom please don’t hesitate to call us at 866-467-7626. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and help you get the perfect phone system for your business.

SIP channels

SIP Channels

SIP Channels

Upgrading to a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system is a great way to get today’s most advanced phone services without paying more than needed. There are many different features which can provide a company with the excellent services and options they need to serve their customers well. One of the best options is the ability to make calls within the data network for free and on a virtually unlimited basis. This can sometimes confuse people who aren’t familiar with how the system works though because while unlimited calls within the network are possible, you need SIP channels to have multiple concurrent calls that go outside of the VoIP system.
Each channel can handle one call that goes through the SIP trunking. So, if your business needs to engage in conversations between multiple customers at a time they will need to have multiple SIP channels. Fortunately this is a fairly simple process and inexpensive process and additional channels can be added quickly and easily when needed. Improcom can set you up with any number of channels to allow you to do uninterrupted business.

SIP Channels | Evaluating Your Needs

We can help you evaluate just how many SIP channels your business will require . There are many businesses that require very few channels because most of their phone calls are made within the VoIP network. Others, however, will require many individual channels because they do most of their business on the phone and making and taking multiple calls at a time is very important. Our experienced sales staff will work with you to identify the exact number of channels you require so you can do business without any trouble, but you’re not paying more than you should.
Even companies that require a high number of SIP channels will still typically find that it is cheaper to use this type of system than the old telephone services. In the past a new line had to be run into the building for each phone line. Today all the calls are still routed through your regular data network until they get to the SIP trunking device where they can then be split off. Rather than needing to run these phone lines all over your facility this keeps everything much simpler.

SIP Channels | Advantages over Traditional Phone Lines

One of the biggest advantages of using SIP trunking with channels for managing all of your phone lines is that you can add, move and remove physical phones any time you want by just plugging them into your data network. There is no need to run long cords or try to find a phone jack. Most businesses have network connectivity throughout the area, and anywhere that has a computer will always have network connectivity. With most phones it is even possible to run that network connection into the phone and then out of the phone into the computer so it can share one network drop.
The SIP channels make this extremely quick and simple. All the actual wiring and other work that needs to be done is all in one place which makes it far easier to track down any potential problems. It is also normally quite a bit cheaper to add a new channel than it would be to run a whole new phone line.

SIP trunking NYC NY

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

It really can’t be denied that the list of features, quality and reliability of phone systems today far surpasses what people had even just a couple decades ago. While this is certainly true, the technology behind these systems has also gotten quite a bit more complex along the way. Most modern business phone systems require a PBX and SIP trunking in order to be able to easily talk with people using older phone systems or those in other countries. If your company is considering updating your phone system it is important for the support teams to know how this technology will work.
One nice thing is that while the concepts behind IP trunking and IP-PBX systems may seem complex at first glance, it is actually somewhat more simple than many other options. In addition, the systems are quite a bit more stable than older phone systems so there is far less that actually needs to be done by the support teams. Having a training class or existing knowledge about supporting a PBX with SIP trunking may be a good idea to ensure there aren’t any issues down the road.

SIP Trunking | Training at Installation

If you decide to use Improcom for your business phone systems we can provide you with the necessary training while installing your new system. Our experienced technicians know IP-PBX and SIP trunking systems extremely well and they will be more than happy to share their experience and knowledge with you. This is a great way to ensure your technical staff knows how to respond in the event there are any issues once the installation is completed.
Of course, our telephone experts are available for support as well in case something comes up that you’re not familiar with. From the time the installation is complete it is our priority to ensure you’re getting the best possible phone service. With that in mind we’ll work hard to help your business in any way we can. From arranging training to answering questions and anything else you need, we can provide if for you and your technical staff.

SIP Trunking | Hosted PBX & Trunking

Another option many companies like is having all the hardware for both the IP-PBX and the SIP Trunking housed within our secured datacenter. We built a state of the art datacenter just so we could offer this type of service to our customers, and many of them are taking advantage of this excellent service. Having your phones hosted with us allows you to focus on your business and leave the worry of the phone systems to us. With great monitoring tools in place we can respond immediately if there are ever any issues with your service. In many cases we can see problems before they cause any noticeable impact to the client and take action to prevent any service interruption.
SIP trunking is also a very affordable way to get on modern phone systems. We’ll set you up with all the hardware and software necessary to provide you with the best phone service available today. We’ll also work hard to keep your services up to date so you can always enjoy the best possible features.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Setting up a new phone system for any business is often quite complex. The individual who is responsible for having everything set up has to have a good understanding of the business needs as well as the technologies behind the new phone system. The vast majority of companies are quickly moving to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system because it comes with many different benefits. It is important to keep in mind that in addition to the normal phone hardware and PBX you’ll also need SIP trunking to enable calls to be made to lines outside of the company network.
IP based phones and PBX systems make it easy and free to talk with people anywhere on the network which is one of the many advantages. Without SIP trunking, however, these phone lines won’t connect with the traditional phone line systems which is where a great many phone calls are still routed through. The SIP trunking technology will eliminate the need for a local PSTN gateway and other options which makes this a very cost effective option.

SIP Trunking | How it Works

A SIP trunk works by taking any calls which need to travel over the traditional phone network and ensures they are routed that way. In many cases they will be converted from a digital signal to an analog as well at this time so they can be transmitted through the regular phone lines. The SIP trunking hardware normally consists of a firewall or switch which is placed at the PBX. This will allow all the traffic to flow through normally keeping all calls organized properly.
When done properly people within the company won’t know the difference between calls which are handled entirely within the VoIP network and which ones are transmitted over the other phone systems. SIP trunking is a very reliable and efficient way to allow your company the convenience and cost savings of an IP based phone system without giving up and of the ability to speak with people on older phones.

SIP Trunking | Easy Set Up

When working with Improcom we can handle the entire setup procedure for you. With hosted PBX service we will perform all SIP trunking within our data center and have it go out through dedicated phone lines to ensure the best possible performance. If you have the PBX in yoru facility we can help you get the SIP trunking set up so it will properly route all your calls from the moment you turn it on. SIP trunking has been around for several years and it has proven to be an extremely reliable technology that works with all types of networks.
While there are other options available for connecting your phone systems to traditional phone networks, this is the standard that most companies are using today. One of the great things about SIP trunking is that it is so scalable. Whether you have two employees or 2000 the hardware can handle routing the calls properly so there is no difference for anyone who is actually using the phones.

business phone system ny nyc

Business Phone System

Business Phone System

There are many companies out there that offer business phone systems for small and medium sized companies. Many of them offer great features and similar hardware options. When choosing which company to go with it is important to take a close look at the type of customers service and technical support that is offered. Many companies are difficult to work with throughout the process or make it almost impossible to get the technical support you need if something goes wrong. Improcom Global Telcom has been committed to the customer in every way since they first opened their business.
Phone systems are often the backbone of any business and when there are problems with your business phone system it is essential that they are addressed immediately. Even small issues should be investigated so they don’t grow into larger problems. Improcom offers proactive monitoring for our customers and quick response times as well. Whether you require us to come out on site to investigate the problem or work with you remotely, our technical support and service are second to none.

Business Phone System | Finding Problems before Impact

Many phone companies wait around until an issue is reported by a customer before they attempt to figure out what is causing the issue. Improcom takes a more proactive approach using state of the art monitoring tools so we are alerted whenever there are issues. We often find minor problems like the data circuit is taking errors or having excessive noise on the line before our customers even know there is a potential problem. We’ll then take action to have the issue fixed so it does not grow into an issue the customers can see or hear.
In addition to monitoring the phone lines and circuits themselves we also have a variety of hardware monitors so we can tell if something is starting to go bad in the computer systems which control the business phone system. For hosted IP-PBX customers we have all the hardware necessary to replace any failing parts before there is any impact. For those who are hosting their own PBX we can help identify issues and let you know what steps may need to be taken to prevent an outage from occurring.

Business Phone System | Friendly Customer Service

Whether you are talking to our sales staff or our technical support teams you’ll always be working with friendly and knowledgeable individuals. Each of the members of the Improcom team know that our superior business phone systems are only half of the picture. We are dedicated to offering the best customer support from the friendliest staff in the industry. No matter what types of problems your experiencing or what questions you have, we’ll be more than happy to work with you to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.
We recognize that every business is different which is why we take the time necessary to help figure out exactly what type of business phone system your company needs. From the time you call us at 866-467-7626 you’ll experience the best support and service available.

business phone system

Business Phone System

Business Phone System

When setting up a new business phone system it is important to make sure you’ll have access to all the features that your business requires. Today’s phones have dozens of different options and customizations which are available to help enhance your overall phone experience. When used properly they can help make your business run smoother and help your customers enjoy an improved experience every time they call. If, however, they are not set up correctly it can be much more difficult to get through even the simplest of tasks on the phone.
If you are setting up a new system or upgrading an existing one it is a great time to look through at all of the different options available. It may be tempting to just enable every possible feature, but that can actually make the phone system more confusing and not offer the ease of use which most people want. When you work with Improcom Global Telcom you’ll be able to speak with one of our experienced telephone experts to help decide exactly which features should be enabled and how they should be configured for your business.

Business Phone System | Web Portal Login

Another excellent benefit to working with Improcom is that our customers can have access to a high-tech web portal which allows them to make changes to their phone system quickly and easily. Whether you need to forward specific lines to different numbers or you want to add, remove or change the features that your business is using, it can all be done in just minutes from any web-enabled computer or tablet. This is a very popular feature because it allows businesses to make changes on the fly without having to call in for assistance or to request the changes.
Many companies will enable a specific feature to give it a try and see whether it improves the overall usability of their phone systems. If they don’t like it, they can remove it just as quickly as they added it. This flexibility can virtually guarantee that businesses will have the exact level of service they require to get the job done in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Business Phone System | Service Options

Improcom offers to main set-ups for your business phone system. You can choose to have a hosted IP-PBX which has the bulk of the hardware needed securely located in our data center. The other option is to have an on-site PBX where most of the hardware is physically located within your own data center. These are both great choices, and depending on the size of your company, the room in your datacenter and the technical staff you have it is typically not a hard choice. For companies that don’t want to have to monitor and support the hardware on their own, the hosted solution is perfect. For companies that already have in house tech staff available 24/7 the on-site PBX may be the better choice.
When you’re ready to learn more about your specific options for a business phone system you can call our friendly customer service professionals at 866-467-7626. We’ll be happy to discuss all your options and get your new phones running quickly and easily.

business phone service nyc ny

Business Phone Service

Business Phone Service

When many small and medium sized businesses start looking at their phone systems they may think that they are good enough and not want to spend the time and money required to upgrade them. Even companies that are still using older analog services are hesitant to make the move to digital systems such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) because they aren’t sure what benefits they will realize and how much it will cost them. If, however, they take the time to look at all the benefits of improving their business phone service and how affordable it really is the decision to update their systems becomes much easier.
Learning about the different options available when it comes to business phone service is an important first step in deciding whether or not to upgrade. Looking at all the available features which are offered and how you can configure them to meet the specific needs of your company are very important as well. Working with the experts at Improcom Global Telcom is the best way to get a good idea of what types of services you require and whether or not they will justify the expense and time needed to update the phones.

Business Phone Service | Easy & Affordable

One of the biggest things that holds companies back from upgrading their business phone service is they think it will be difficult and expensive. When working with Improcom, however, it is actually quite a bit easier than most people would expect. Our team of experienced technical professionals will help you every step of the way to ensure everything goes smoothly throughout the process. We can even handle the entire upgrade for you so you can focus on doing your normal day to day business.
Our business phone services are also very affordable, and in many cases it can even be cheaper than your existing services. This is because by using a digital service through either a managed or an onsite PBX you don’t need a dedicated line for each phone number. We can work with you to set up a wide range of different services that you require, many of which won’t add any additional charge to your monthly bill.

Business Phone Service | Improved Services

Whenever you’re taking the time and money needed to upgrade a system or service it is important that you see the benefits of the investment you’re making. Moving from an older phone system, or even a newer one with another company, to a state of the art system from Improcom will give you obvious benefits that you can see and hear. To start with you’ll be getting a fully digital connection which means your calls will be much clearer, which customers will enjoy and find much more professional.
You’ll also have free long distance throughout the United States and several other countries as well. One of the best things about this improved business phone service is that you’ll have access to a full web portal login which will allow you to make updates and changes to your system from anywhere that has connection to the web. This is excellent for ensuring your phone systems are just as flexible as you are.

business phone service

Business Phone Service

Business Phone Service

Choosing the right business phone service is much more difficult than when looking at residential services. Even the most demanding residential services only typically require one or two lines with some limited features and never need a dedicated PBX system to be used. Small and medium sized businesses often have hundreds of lines coming into a single facility and also require near 100% up time to ensure they are not missing any business opportunities. One of the best ways to ensure a company’s phone systems are working as well as they should is to keep up with the latest technologies.
More and more companies are moving their phone systems to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) because of the many benefits, and improved call quality. Working with Improcom your business can look at the benefits of updating to VoIP systems. Even if you’re already using a VoIP system we can help improve your overall phone system to ensure you are getting the best levels of service at the best prices possible. If your thinking about upgrading or changing your business phone service start by calling our professional customer service representatives at 866-467-7626 today.

Business Phone Service | Benefits of Business VoIP

Business VoIP systems will give you many additional features which are not available on older analog systems. VoIP systems take advantage of the digital connection, and they go through the internet so it is a much more reliable and redundant system. With a single high speed internet connection a company can have excellent business phone service which is both reliable and offers crystal clear voice quality as well.
Since this type of phone service is going through a computer network it is also possible to add on a variety of great services which simply weren’t possible using older systems. Offering automated attendants, complex call forwarding, multiple lines on one phone number and much more are all common place with these new systems where they used to be difficult or impossible for most small to medium sized businesses. When companies update their systems they are often very impressed with the list of different services they can add to their phones, and many of these innovative services come free of charge.

Business Phone Service | Excellent Support

In addition to being able to enjoy all the great benefits of a high end business phone service, Improcom Global Telcom offers great customer and technical support. We can handle as much or as little of the installation of the new hardware for your system, and we’ll also provide the best training on how to use the phones and all the new features they come with. Long after the upgrade is complete we’ll still be here to offer support for your company.
Improcom specializes in building long term relationships with our customers, which is why many of them have been with us for many years. No matter what type of business phone service you require, we’ll be happy to work with you to get it up and running as quickly and easily as possible. Just give us  and we’ll discuss the details with you.

hosted pbx nyc ny

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Choosing between a hosted PBX system and one which is managed on-site can be quite difficult for many companies. There are benefits to both systems and picking one over the other is an important choice. Once you’ve got the system set up it can be somewhat difficult to switch so taking the time to make the right choice up front is the best way to ensure you don’t run into any difficulties down the road. As companies are upgrading to VoIP phone systems they are often also faced with the decision about where their PBX will be hosted. Fortunately, both of these options are going to provide excellent phone systems for companies of all sizes.
Just like with most decisions in life, the best way to figure out whether a hosted PBX or an on-site PBX is the right choice is to speak with experts and talk about your company’s needs. Improcom has a team of experienced technical experts who are ready to speak with you about your company to help you figure out which solution would work best for you. There are many different factors which come into play when working on this type of project, and these techs can help you ask the right questions about your company to come up with the perfect answer. When you’re ready to discuss your PBX conversion just give us a call at 866-467-7626 and we’ll be happy to help.

Hosted PBX vs On-Site | Similar Services

While this is a big decision that you have to make, it is also important to remember that both of these options are going to provide you with the best phone services possible. Hosted PBX’s and on-site PBX’s both offer all the best services available today so you don’t have to worry about losing out on the types of features you would want. They are also extremely reliable, and since we use the best hardware and software to set up your PBX whether it is managed in our data center or yours you won’t have to worry about these types of problems. While this is an important decision, the fact is for most companies they are both excellent choices. It is more a matter of preference and budget than anything else.

Hosted PBX | Benefits

When looking specifically at the hosted PBX solution for your phone you’ll likely notice a few key benefits it has. First, you don’t need to have a datacenter already in place to house the PBX computer systems. We have everything all set up and ready to go in our data center so you don’t need to worry about it. If you already have a data center for your other computer equipment this may not be as big of an advantage but many companies like to keep their facilities as open as possible and allowing the PBX to be hosted and managed from our facility will do just that.
Support services are also a big benefit for companies which choose to use a hosted PBX. Since the hardware will be housed within our state of the art datacenter it will be monitored and serviced by our team of highly trained and experienced technicians. This is especially helpful for companies that don’t have 24/7 IT support in their own offices, though it is a big benefit for any company.

hosted pbx

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

If you’re considering moving your companies phone systems to a hosted PBX you’ll want to work with a company that is not only experienced, but also has the best data center to support your systems. Improcom Global Telcom has been helping customers move to these great phone systems for years, and would be happy to set up your company as well. With a new state of the art data center built specifically to house and manage these PBX systems you can be confident you’re getting the best services possible.
In addition to having a high end data center, we also have some of the most experienced and talented support staff available to monitor and ensure your phone systems are working perfectly 24/7. We have high end monitoring tools which can help us identify potential problems before they occur so we can prevent outages and keep your systems up and working far better than our competition.

Hosted PBX | Many Important Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of having your phones go through a hosted PBX system is that you don’t have to worry about hiring technical staff to manage your own phones. As long as you have high speed access to the internet you can be confident that your phones will be up and working. This is because all of the hardware and software are managed from our data center. You can access your companies settings and configuration options from any internet enabled device so you can make adjustments and changes as needed, but the actual monitoring and troubleshooting of issues will all be taken care of for you.
Within our data center we have all the replacement parts necessary to immediately act if there is a hardware outage that requires us to take action. Having these parts onsite can help us to respond to problems immediately rather than having to order parts which can take days or longer to come in. We are dedicated to having the best up-time available and we take all the steps necessary to ensure we keep our customer’s phones up and running.

Hosted PBX | Extensive List of Features

You can get a large list of features available for your phones when you use a hosted PBX system. Many of these features are included with a basic package so you don’t have to worry about paying more for every little thing. Everything from anonymous call rejection and caller ID to call forwarding and call screening are available to add on to your system for no additional charge. Some of the most advanced services like automated attendants and other great services are also available to add on for small monthly fees.
You can enjoy the best phone features available today without having to worry about the technology behind them. Here at Improcom we are dedicated to ensuring our customers have the great phone systems they need so they can simply focus on their business. We specialize in phone systems and the technology they run on and we want to put our knowledge, equipment and experience to work for you. If you’re interested in learning more about a hosted PBX system just give us a  and speak with one of our experienced customer service experts today.