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Prestige Barber Shop in NY Proves Some Things Shave in New York

Prestige Barber Shop in NY Proves Some Things Don’t Improve with Time

If you’ve ever watched older movies, or even popular westerns of today you have likely seen an old barber giving the classic hero a shave with a straight razor. While it might look odd from today’s disposable razor standards, this is actually still a popular way to get a close shave. In fact, you can get a straight razor shave in New York every day of the week. There are many benefits to using a straight razor when shaving including the fact that you can get a much more precise shave than using any other method.

Straight Razor Shaves in New York are Getting More Popular

This type of shave has been making quite the comeback over the last several years, and the popularity continues to grow. As more and more people learn about the advantages of this method of shaving, they begin coming in to barber shops to give it a try. Just a word of warning to those considering this, once you’ve had a straight razor shave you’ll never want to go back.
While some people come in regularly for a shave, others only get this great service for special occasions when they want to be sure to look their best. In addition to a full shave you can also have the barber clean up any facial hair that you want to keep. This is the perfect way to have a great looking beard, side burns or mustache. It is difficult to manage facial hair properly from home so a quick clean up once a month can really help keep it looking nice and clean just the way you want it.

What to Expect from Straight Razor Service at a Barber Shop in NY

Many people wonder if it is worth it to drive down to a barber shop in NY just to get a shave. While, the fact is you actually get quite a bit more than just a simple shave. To start out with you will have a hot towel wrapped around your face which not only helps soften your skin for a closer shave but it also feels great. You’ll then have a high quality shaving cream applied to your face to ensure your comfort and protection during the shave.
The barber will then take out his straight razor which will have been sharpened to perfection. While you might worry about having such a sharp blade on your skin, you’ll quickly find that the barber knows exactly what he is doing. They know exactly how much pressure to apply and how to hold the razor to ensure every whisker is sheered away. Once your shave is completed your face will be rinsed off and a quality after-shave applied. You’ll walk out of the barber shop in New York with the smoothest skin you’ve ever had.

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Why Scissor Cuts are the Best at Barber Shops NYC

Why Scissor Cuts are the Best at Barber Shops NYC

If you’ve always gone to chain stores for your haircut you’ve likely never had a true scissor cut by a professional barber. Since using an electric razor is so much faster and takes far less skill most people who cut hair only use this method. Using scissors, however, gives a trained barber the control and precision needed for today’s best styles. If you’re looking for someone who can perform a true scissor cut, you’ll want to find a good barbershop NYC.

At prestige barber shop the experienced barbers have been focusing on giving men the perfect haircut for years. In fact, the owner and head barber has been cutting hair almost his entire life, and he comes from a long line of barbers. This is important because a scissors cut requires much more dexterity and experience than most cuts and they can’t be done by just anyone.

Do Barber Shops in NYC Cut All Hair with Scissors

The professional barbers at Prestige will always use the right tools for the style you’re looking for. Some cuts work best with a razor and others with scissors and still others with a combination of both. If your hairstyle is one that requires an electric razor then that’s exactly what will be used. The main benefit of this barber shop is that when your hair would benefit from a scissors cut, there are barbers who can do it perfectly.

A good rule of thumb is that simple haircuts can often be done with an electric razor but the more complex styles that require precision cutting will be better completed with scissors. Many of the trendy new styles with hair that is of multiple lengths and styled in a very exact way will almost always be better off done with just scissors.

Which Barber Shop in NYC is Best for Scissor Cuts

Due to the fact that Prestige barber shop in NYC has been satisfying their clients scissor cut needs for years, this is the ideal place to come for your next haircut. You’ll find that every one of the barbers on staff is comfortable using scissors for even the most complex cuts. They are up to date with all the latest trends and fashions and will be able to help you get that perfect haircut that you desire. Whether you’re looking for a hip and trendy look, something more casual or even a very professional business cut, the barbers at Prestige will help you get the look you require.

Even if you’re not sure what exactly you want to do with your next haircut you can come in and ask for advice or about which cuts are most popular today. The barbers will be happy to help you choose which style would look best on you and for your position in life. You can walk right in or call for an appointment today! We will be happy to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients.

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The Dying Art of Getting a Shave in New York | Prestige Barber Shop

Not so very long ago getting a shave in New York from a professional barber was a rite of passage passed down from father to son. Young men from all walks of life avidly awaited the day their fathers would come to them and say it was time to go down to one of the many barber shops 10022 to get their ears lowered and that peach fuzz removed. It was the day that they knew they were finally men in their father’s eyes.

I remember the day my Dad was getting a shave in NYC

I remember going with my dad to the barber shop 10022 and watching him receive a real shave NYC from a professional barber. I wasn’t very big at the time and I was impressed with the way my dad would walk-in, sort of rough and gruff, but always seemed to be so relaxed and comfortable as the barber worked. He would talk and joke with the man and always left the barber shop 10022 in a good mood. I could hardly wait until I was old enough to get a shave NYC myself, but things change.

What Changed

These days, fathers still teach their sons to shave, but the rite of passage has lost much of its pomp and ceremony. Modern man travels down to the local drugstore, grabs a package of disposable razors and an aerosol can of shaving cream only to rush through what was once considered a relaxing pleasure. Often, men are even reduced to using their wives’ or girlfriends pretty pink Venus razor and baby oil based Skintimate gel. Whatever happened to getting a shave in New York at barber shops 10022?

How it should be

A shave NYC should be a relaxing experience, a wondrous affair that allows all the cares and stress of your day to be scraped away along with the bristle on your chin. A real shave NYC at a real barber shop 10022 should include hot towels, warm brushed on sandalwood shaving lather and the slightly dangerous feel of letting another human being near your delicate throat with a straight razor sharp enough to decapitate Godzilla. A real shave New York should also be accompanied by the buzz of manly conversation and followed by the soothing touch of a bracing and manly smelling lotion.

A real shave NYC in a real barber shop 10022 is a real luxury few men have ever taken the time to enjoy and it could soon be a dying craft since so few places still offer the straight edge shave New York, but it is one every man should enjoy at least once in their lives.

Hey, want to try out a real shave NYC from a real barber shop 10022? Check out Prestige Barber Shop and try their Signature Shave. You may never pick up a package of disposable razors or use your girl’s Venus again.

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Men’s Shaving NYC

Men’s shaving NYC, because you’re worth it

There is just something particularly manly about having a professional NYC barber from a barber shop midtown NYC give you a shave with a straight razor big enough and sharp enough to decapitate Godzilla. Professional men’s shaving NYC seems to be a dying art, but it is one that every man should try at least once in their lives.

I Remember My First Time In A Barber Shop Midtown NYC

Way back when I was a little tyke I used to go with my dad down to a barber shop in midtown NYC. The place was a tribute to manliness with interesting antique barber tools spread around, comfortable (if mismatched) chairs in the waiting room and the soothing buzz of grown men discussing which team has the best cheerleaders or the best way to unclog a sink.

One of the specialties of this old barber shop in midtown NYC was men’ shaving NYC and after watching the blissful look on my dad’s face I decided right then and there that there must be something really great about the experience and I decided to try it when I grew whiskers of my own.

My Resolution

Not long ago, I decided to give up the salon, bit the bullet and get my haircut at a barber shop in midtown NYC. Why? I was sick and tired of tucking my tail between my legs and mincing into the local beauty salon, it was time to stride through a door without curtains and get a “man’s” haircut.

The shop I chose to do business at is called Prestige Barber Shop and one of their specialties is straight razor shaving, so I decided to pamper myself in a manly way and give it a try. I chose their most expensive (though still reasonably priced) Signature Shave because it has all the bells and whistles. After all, professional men’s shaving New York is the equivalent of those fancy facials my wife loves so much, just a bit more dangerous.

Now, I totally understand why my dad always had professional men’s shaving New York done whenever he went into the barber shop in midtown NYC when I was a kid. The feelings are totally indescribable, but believe me you will walk out the door feeling like a brand new man. Why?

Even the thought of volunteering to let someone (even a professional shaving New York) touch your face and neck with a blade sharp enough to slice steel is enough to get the testosterone pumping and make you feel completely alive. So, sitting back in the chair and actually going through with it is a testament to your courage and a victory all its own. But then, when you actually sit back and allow things to happen you realize how wonderfully relaxing it is to let someone else do all the work.


First your face is wrapped in soothing warm towels to soften the whiskers, then real shaving cream is brushed all over with a real brush, after that you are feeling so relaxed and pampered that they could actually set off a bomb and you wouldn’t jump. After they have you so relaxed that you are too boneless to run away, they bring out the razor and begin carefully scraping away all that hair, which will wake you up and start the Adrenalin pumping all over again, but it is OK, because once they are done shaving New York they bring out manly smelling skin care crèmes to sooth your rumpled nerves and skin so when it is finally time to go you feel as if you are on top of the world.

In short, I highly recommend professional shaving New York from the best men’s shaving NYC barber shop, Prestige.

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Barber Shop Midtown NYC

Barber Shop Midtown NYC

A barber shop in Midtown NYC may be something you have heard of for years. You know your father went to a barber shop and so did his father and his father. It’s been a tradition for the men in your family to go to a barber. It’s kind of like being on the set of Cheers – where everyone knows your name. This ensures you get the best treatment and services designed for you as a man.

Barber Shop in Midtown NYC Has Great Services

You may be surprised to learn that a barber shop in Midtown NYC has a lot of services. If you have never been in one before, you probably think that you can only get a haircut. This is not the case, at least, not the case when you go to Prestige Barber Shop. You can enjoy a haircut, a shampoo and a neck shave. You can enjoy a close razor shave with a hot towel treatment and oil massage. You can also enjoy a beard trim, a fade, and access to many great men’s hair and skin products.

A barber is experienced with men’s hair. This allows you to sit in a barber chair knowing that the barber understands your hair and knows how to give you the cut desired. You may even want to bring in a picture of a look that you are trying to achieve. The friendly barber on staff is going to tell you if it is achievable with the kind of hair you have. If it’s possible, they will give you the right cut and show you how to style your hair to ensure you know how to get the look on your own each morning.

The tradition of going into a barber shop in Midtown NYC is not just about the services you get for your hair and face. It is also about the customer service. Barbers are friendly and can talk to you about a variety of different things – which can help you feel more comfortable while at the barber shop – which is probably why your father and his father went to a barber, too.

Barber Shop in Midtown NYC Has Convenience

Another reason that a barber shop in Midtown NYC has become a tradition is because it is so convenient. You can stop on your way to or from work, on your lunch break or even on the weekend. Granted, every barber shop is different when it comes to hours, but one thing you will find very different about Prestige Barbers is that they are open on Sunday – something almost unheard of with a barber shop.

This allows you to carry on the tradition of your father and your father’s father without being late for work or late for dinner. You can simply go in on Sunday if that is the time that works best for you and your busy schedule.

There are two locations to select from when visiting a barber shop in Midtown NYC with the Prestige name:

You can make an appointment for a time with your favorite barber or you can simply stop in during the hours of operation and take advantage of all the services offered.

barber shop in nyc

Barber Shop in NYC

Barber Shop in NYC

Throughout New York City, you have your choice of barbershops. It’s important to understand what each barber shop has to offer because they are not all the same. You want quality services – and access to more than one service. You also want to have a satisfying experience and the convenience of being able to go into a barber shop to enjoy one of the services when it works for you and your schedule – not the other way around. This is why many rely on Prestige Barber Shop in Midtown.

Satisfaction with a Barber Shop in NYC

You need to ensure you reach a high level of satisfaction after you have visited a barber shop NYC. This means that you need to be happy with each and every aspect of your visit. Not all barber shops will provide you with this kind of feeling – and it’s important to try and achieve it whenever possible.

First, you will want to look at prices. Unfortunately, many a barber shop NYC will try to compete with the different high-end salons. This means they will charge you considerably more for a haircut or shave when it’s really not necessary. When you step into Prestige, you will find competitive pricing, ensuring you can get the services you need without going broke in the process.

To ensure you find the right barber shop NYC, it’s a good idea to read reviews online. After all, you don’t want to place your head into just anyone’s hands. You need to be confident that the barbers know what they are doing. Anywhere online, you can read reviews about barbershops from past customers. Yahoo, Google, Bing, CitySearch and plenty of other sites will provide you with this opportunity.

When you can guarantee your satisfaction before you even walk through the door, you know you have found the right barber shop. Until you can guarantee this, you need to do your research to ensure you don’t end up with a bad haircut and a bad experience overall.

Convenience with a Barber Shop in NYC

Convenience is critical with a barber shop in NYC. You need to make sure that you are able to visit the barber shop when it is convenient for you. This means early morning hours and evening hours so that you have the ability to stop in on your way to work or on your way home from work. If you are a workaholic and find yourself in the office before everyone else and after everyone has left, then you also need to find a barbershop that has hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Prestige Barber Shop in NYC has hours on both Saturday and Sunday – as well as extensive hours throughout the week. This makes it easier to go in and get the haircut and other services that you need without seeing a “closed” sign on the door.

You can visit either location at your convenience. Prestige Barbers has two locations in Midtown to make it easier for you to get the services you need:

Satisfaction is guaranteed when you go into Prestige. The barbers have years of experience and this is the difference between Prestige and all of the other barber shops that you will encounter throughout the city. It’s the one place where you can be confident of being able to walk out of the door looking your very best.

NYC barber

NYC Barber

NYC Barber

You have an important meeting. It may be to land a new client or to pitch a new product. Whatever the reason for your meeting, you want to look your best. You may have your assistant working on a variety of reports. You may have worked on a PowerPoint presentation. Now it’s time to work on your own presentation. A NYC barber needs to be the first place you stop on the way to your meeting.

Let a NYC Barber Give You a Haircut

It’s important to look your very best when you are making a presentation. If you are sitting at a meeting, you want your voice to be heard. You want people to look at you and be confident that you know what you are talking about. If you haven’t been groomed to the nines in a while, it may be hard to evoke this confidence.

Before you start to panic about your confidence level, a NYC barber is going to be able to get you on the right path. You can get a haircut that provides a professional look while still maintaining your personality. A barber can give you some recommendations and clean up your hairline while giving you the haircut so that a single hair is not out of place.

With a NYC barber, you are getting services designed for men – which includes products designed for men. This ensures you go into your important meeting smelling like a man. If you stopped into someplace other than a barbershop for a haircut, you may have a shampoo heavy in lavender or other flowers used on you. This can be the worst thing for your confidence level – and it can be avoided by being aware of where you go for your haircut.

Let a NYC Barber Give You a Close Shave

Whether you are a shaving cream kind of guy or an electric razor kind of guy, you need a closer shave than what you can do on your own. Allow a NYC barber to give you a close shave with a straight edge razor. There is no way to get closer than with this type of shave – and that’s going to give you the clean look you desire for your meeting. After all, a 5 o’ clock shadow may not be the best thing for you to present at your meeting.

Even if you have a mustache and/or beard, you can still take advantage of a shave. The NYC barber is simply going to clean it all up to ensure it is looking sharp. This way you look like the professional you are. It will provide you with an air of confidence and everyone who is in your presence will feel that confidence – and they will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say because you are presenting yourself as one who has all the answers.

When you head into an important meeting, you cannot risk going in without a stop off at the barber shop first. You can get all the confidence you need by sitting in the barber chair for just a few minutes.

A NYC barber is going to make you look good, especially when you visit a barber at the Prestige Barber Shop. You can visit the 237 East 53rd Street location or the 160 East 55th Street location.


NYC barber shop

NYC Barbershop

NYC Barbershop

You may have been visiting a NYC barbershop for years to get a haircut. But did you know that there is more than just that service available to you? If you are not aware of the other services, you are either going to the wrong barbershop or you have never been properly introduced to some of the other services – as well as some of the products that you can obtain at a quality barbershop. At Prestige, there are a variety of services and products for you to choose from.

Quality Services from a NYC Barbershop

When you visit an NYC barbershop, you can get a variety of quality services. In addition to the haircut, you can get a massaging shampoo, a neck shave, and a variety of other services. Think about what is needed to make you look great. You may not be able to settle for the basic haircut where a razor is used. As a result, you need a barber who is just as skilled with a razor as they are with a pair of scissors.

An NYC barbershop can work with you to achieve the look you want. This may require a variety of different services to ensure you are able to achieve the desired look. You may need scissors and a razor in order to get the hairdo you are trying to achieve. Whether you show a picture or give description, it will be up to the barber to determine how to provide you with the look – and they will do it because they are experienced.

At a NYC barbershop, you can get other services as well. You can have your beard trimmed, your mustache shaped, and your face shaved. Barbershops are known for providing a close shave unlike anything you have experienced in the past. A straight edge razor shave is something that everyone should take advantage of at least once in their life. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and you will become addicted to that feeling – making you want to visit a barbershop more and more frequently.

Quality Products from a NYC Barbershop

When you step into an NYC barbershop, you will also be able to select from a variety of quality products. After a barber shampoos your hair, you may love the smell. It’s important that you are able to get that same smell at home. By visiting Prestige Barbers, you have access to the full line of Redken for men as well as American Crew to ensure you have the same quality products that the barber is using on you.

If you have taken advantage of a close shave at the barbershop, you will also be able to find these skincare products as well. This ensures that when you go home, you can continue using the same products that you have already experienced for yourself. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or any other type of skin, there are products designed for you – and a Barber will help you select which ones are right for you.

Visiting a barbershop is so much more than just a haircut. The next time you need a haircut or you want to pamper yourself in a manly way, you simply need to visit the right barbershop.

Choosing a barber shop has never been easier. When you choose Prestige Barbers, you get two locations at your disposal in Midtown.

Manhattan barber shop NYC

Manhattan Barber Shops

Manhattan Barber Shops

There is a reason that you have heard of Manhattan barber shops in the past. They are known all around the world – and not simply because of the infamous striped barber pole that sits in front of so many barber shops. They are known for being the best of the best when it comes to men’s haircuts and shaves simply because they are men, too.

Premier Service from Manhattan Barber Shops

When you are looking for premier services, it is all a matter of going into one of the Manhattan barber shops. When you step into Prestige Barber Shop, you know that you are going to get premier service simply because of the menu of services. You can look forward to such things as:

– A haircut

– Fade

– Close Shave

– Hot towel treatment

– Massaging shampoo

These services are going to ensure you look great – and have the chance to relax for a few minutes while you sit in the barber chair.

Barbers are experienced. Additionally, their experience is not divided up between men and women. It is solely with men, which means you know that they will be able to cut your hair to your liking. They understand the style of hair that you have as well as the style of hair that you are trying to achieve. They will help you style your hair, too, so you can repeat the look time and time again, even when you aren’t sitting at the barber shop.

Manhattan barber shops are known for providing premier service. You want someone who is going to talk and interact with you. Barber shops are still in business because they offer something that other places don’t – customer service. You are a customer when you step into a barber shop and they treat you as such – making sure you get the best of the best.

Manhattan Barber Shops Designed for Men

Manhattan barber shops are designed for men and men alone. Boys are invited, but women are not. By choosing a focus, men are able to get the services and the products they need to be well-groomed without being intimidated when walking through the doors.

Any man can simply walk through the door of any Manhattan barber shop and know that he will be in good hands. This is an important feeling to have because trust needs to be established before you let anyone near you with a razor or a pair of scissors.

At Prestige, it’s not just about a haircut or a shave, either. It’s about the other little services designed to make men feel special. When you come in for a haircut, you get a shampoo and a neck shave. When you come in for a shave, you get a hot towel and oil massage. This isn’t something that you will find anywhere – and these extra little services are important because it will help you to relax and provide you with something special.

You should never accept anything less than the best. This is your image we are talking about. You want to look your best because it will help you to succeed in all areas of life. You will be noticed by the boss more when you are properly groomed. You will also do better in social circles when you can stand with confidence knowing you look good.

New York Barber shop NYC

New York Barbershop

New York Barbershop

You’re a busy person. The last thing you have time for is searching all over the city for a New York barbershop that’s going to take care of you. You need a place that is close by and has services designed specifically for men. You don’t want any fruity or flowery products used on you – you want masculine smelling products that have also been designed specifically for men – and that’s why you get the ultimate level of convenience when you visit Prestige Barber Shop.

Convenient Hours for a New York Barbershop

You may get to the office early in the morning and stay late in the evening. This makes it even harder to visit a New York barbershop. You need to find a place with convenient hours. This means not only being able to get there early in the morning or late in the evening, but also throughout the weekend. There are a variety of barber shops throughout the city that close on Sunday – making it almost impossible to get the quality services that you need.

At Prestige Barbers, you can visit seven days a week. There are hours in the morning, in the evening, and even on Sunday. This means that you have the ability to stop in on your way to work, on your lunch break, on your way home, or even on your day off. The same services are offered every day of the week. Whether you want a great haircut or close shave, all you have to do is stop in and see one of the barbers.

Convenient hours are a must when you look for a New York barbershop. After all, they are in business because of you. If they aren’t making it convenient for you to get in there and enjoy their services, then they don’t deserve your business. Stepping into Prestige is convenient because of the hours, the days of operation, and even because of the location.

Choose Your New York Barbershop

It’s convenient for you to visit the Prestige Barber Shop because of the two locations. There is 237 East 53rd Street, NY, NY 10022 and you can make an appointment by calling (212) 752-4758 or 160 East 55th Street, NY, NY 10022 and you can call (212) 257-8222.

With two great locations to choose from, it’s easy to stop by either one. Midtown Manhattan is centrally located. You can get there by car, taxi, bus, and even subway. Regardless of your chosen mode of transportation throughout the city, Prestige is nearby to ensure you get the quality grooming services that you are looking for.

Now that you have found Prestige, there is no need to wander around the city aimlessly trying to find a barbershop. Trying new barbershops can be dangerous. You need to bond with the barber that is cutting your hair – and when you have two different locations to choose from, you can ensure that you always find someone that understands you and your hair perfectly.

Once you have visited the barbershop once, you will have the confidence to walk through and sit in the barber chair knowing that you will look great when you head out the door. You may develop a favorite barber or you may trust each and every one the same. Either way, you have the ability to make an appointment with your favorite barber or any barber in general. You can also simply walk through the door at any time during the operating hours in order to get the services you need.