The Art Experience

For Artists of All Ages and Abilities...

For many years I developed art classes and other adult education programs
for men and women who were blind or severely vision impaired.

I often witnessed the transforming power art had to reawaken imaginations long considered dormant, and to reconnect people with their innate abilities
as creators and as productive, talented artists.

But it was not until I personally encountered a series of life changing experiences that I realized first hand the vital force art plays in our growth and existence.

These events led me back to my own art career, and to helping others on their journey as well...

The Art Experience is about reaffirming our creative energy, and reconnecting with the inner artist alive and well within us all.

Because there is so much territory to cover, I have broken the Art Experience down into a progression of chapters.

Hopefully this should make the journey more manageable for both the reader, and writer!

Just click on the links, and may the creative force be with you!

1. The Why of Art Mystic

2. Reconnecting With Life Through Art

3. Back To The Drawing Board

4. Resources And Other Tools For Artists


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